A conception of these tablet, how can we be at this point in the present day

In early 70’s, comics legend Jack Kirby produced a compactly woven science fiction mythology series entitled ‘New Gods’. One of these series’ most memorable creations was that of the ‘Mother Box’, a complex gadget the characters carried around with them. The Mother Box was the culprit for as numerous mundane tasks as it was fantastical ones, it could calculate impossible reams of data, heal the sick and supply information as and when desired.


Now, a pc tablet might not heal the sick, but besides that, I’d say that Mr. Kirby was quite ahead of the curve on that exact call. A good tablet in your back pocket could be an alternative to almost everything.


Rather then doggedly listing all that a tablet pc can do, it would be far simpler to cobble together the things a tablet can not do.


Progressive technology frequently borrows its innovations from the realm of fantasy. The Mother Box, or tablet pc, is probably the very best example of this. A tablet is a slice of the future, and everybody who buys one knows it.


We live inside a relentlessly bright age. Gleaming spires touch the sky, reaching formerly not possible heights, computer products map the entire geometry of our planet and contact across the world has never been easier. The pc tablet is yet another great, shining example of restive Human creation, the sort that were science fiction only a few short decades ago.