What’s the Best Pc tablet for an Creative person?

The biggest problem We have answering this query, is how to make my answer longer than 2 words. I believe, by now, you know very well what You have got to, there is no way these will come as any sort of surprise whatsoever. That’s right, my answer is barely two words long:


‘An iPad’


That’s right, the most effective Pc tablet for that right brain-using creative type isn’t a PC at all, but a MAC.


The hypothesis is that innovative people depend on the right side of the brain at least the left, whereas the left brain users tend to be more logical and reality-orientated. If you utilize the left side of your brain more, you are able to probably expect a more ordered, structured life plus a decent job. If you are a right brainer, you’ll probably find yourself writing for the living at some point.


In true right brain fashion (i.e with the traffic cone strapped to my head, a can of spray paint and stencils cut to look like a donkey’s vagina) I will now make my statement.


Speaking as a creative person, a lifelong right brain user (I’ve even taken the test) I have a far harder time getting to grips with Microsoft products than I do with Apple’s equivalents. I only know MS Word through sheer repetition and Adobe Photoshop continues to be a secret to me, even in the end these years and a number of other tutorials from various well-meaning associates. The arrival of MAC OSX was a revelation to me, to not put too fine a point on it. Suddenly, I could use a computer without looking like an entire and total NOOB and it could (and did) become a precious tool in all my innovative endeavours since then .


I use my MAC to record demos of music I’m engaged on, to spice up the colours in my work, to store drafts of scripts or plays, everything, really. If I did not use a MAC, it could have taken me a few years to learn to do all that stuff on a PC.


Of course, most of the people do not live their life in the perpetual state of confusion that characterizes mine, lots of creative people use PCs well enough, but in my individual view, MAC is better . Most imaginative people I do know prefer MACs, its almost all of them, in fact.


So, that’s my case, the best Pc tablet for an artist is, in my view, the iPad.