I’ve Noticed That Many People are Catching up with Television on Pc tablets, can’t be Accurate?

…Apparently so. It does seem that Tablet PCs are actually our preferred method of viewing Television programs (excluding actually watching them on TV, obviously). A recent study provided statistics which suggests that, after Television, of course, most of us are viewing our Television shows on Tablet PCs.


Is this for real? Personally, I’d presume that it begins existence as a novelty, somewhat to impress your mates. Because the first thing many of us do with a new purchase is show it off.


After that? Well, let’s just say that your Tablet PC, in all probability, has better resolution than your Television, which I’d definitely put down as a reason. The sheer versatility of watching Television on the Pc tablet can also be a significant contributing reason in its success.


The only actual drawback to viewing TV on your Pc tablet is that the overwhelming majority of them usually do not support Flash Player and have absolutely no method of downloading it, this makes your Pc tablet unsuited with any number of Flash powered digital channels, most notably the BBC iPlayer. Because BBC programmes are enjoyed worldwide, this really is a substantial pain in the neck for Tablet users worldwide. Lack of Flash support may be the single major trouble facing Television audience with Tablet pc’s.


Of course, another trouble is that you’ll have only a 7 inch screen to deal with, so regardless of how good the resolution is, this just isn’t something you may invite all your mates to a ‘Die Hard’ night for. Though the Tablet PC is a beautiful innovation, I don’t think it will be stealing the TV’s job just yet.


The main thing to consider from this study, however, is just how much we the consumers have taken to Tablet PCs. Today, everybody appears to be using one. There were doubters, in the beginning, but now I believe most credible experts can agree of the fact that the Tablet PC is here to stay. If the designers of the future still create versatile, reasonable tablets that have so many practical uses, I personally don’t see that changing.


I’d like to see studies regarding social media, app usage, gaming and music as well. I think we’ll all be astonished.