Why did HP kill the TouchPad and webOS?


Tablet schmablet! Above all else, the hp touchpad is simply a great pc tablet. There is a tendency, in these quick-paced, full-blooded era of ours, to judge your working personal computer because by merits of what it truly is, as opposed to what it actually does.


Of course, tablet PC’s are all the craze right now and, as a result, the Touchpad from hp is winning accolades for its size and usefulness. What these technological tastemakers aren’t bearing in mind is of the fact that hp touchpad is also a beautiful modest pc tablet, capable of almost the whole thing.


Hewlett-Packard are justifiably happy with the touchpad and have invested a great deal in its advertising and promotion. The ad drive features the dubious ‘talents’ of comedian Russell Brand who sits at a piano after which goes on to show us that a) the Touchpad is easier to utilize than a piano (as if we didn’t know that previously) and that b) he’s a large douchebag.


The thing is that they didn’t need to go to all this endeavor, one look at the touchpad from hp can let you know that its a smart, attractive little thing that’s important for basic jobs. What you’ll find on closer inspection is that with 32GB of inside storage (1GB memory), the latest HP OS software, optional video chat and wireless printing, the Touchpad is really a sturdy, loyal PC in its own right.


The truth that it does all this whilst weighing in at just 740 grams is simply a bonus.