Skeleton Earpieces for Icom Radio

As a lot of you’d know there are plenty of bone conducting earphones out on the market, when I looked to get one I typically bought it from earpieceonline, but lately they’ve finished advertising them, when I asked as to why this was they advised me they finished their assortment until the brand new units appear.

I received an news item this week, or even it was through facebook, they are all merging together as of late! And I straight away sent an message to request one to test, and low and behold one arrived within the post this morning. It’s one of a new generation of bone conductors that are lighter and better than the earlier ones. Now when I have had the earlier variations I continually found they fell out my ear if I moved my head a whole lot, these new bone conductors have a clip that fits faultlessly over the ear, making it more comfortable to bear, and way more secure.

It absolutely feels lighter, when compared with the other ones, the press to talk button or PTT as I’m regularly instructed to describe it, is much lighter also, and still has the lapel to clip it to your chest, which I find incredibly functional. Not shown on the picture is a very long PTT (there you go boss!!!!) which is removable and can run along your arm, leg, snake, anything you want because it’s absolutely long enough.

I normally use the Motorola 2-pin versions and I always have, I have been informed that the kenwood connector version and the icom connector versions are precisely the same, but for the first time the’re available with a GP340, DP3400 and some others, which for me is perfect because we are just about to move into the digital revolution and acquire some DP3400 2 way radios.

All in all this is a good earpiece, and many thanks towards the guys at earpieceonline for giving one for me to try, you could find them at