How is the Nexus 10 Measure up to the apple ipad 4?

Well, to start with, both tablet pc’s are exceptional choices.


I suppose the key difference (at least because it pertains directly to the consumer experience) could be the operating system. The apple ipad runs Apple iOS and also the Nexus runs Google’s Android. Indeed, it’s worth noting that both pc tablets were purposely designed to run their respective operating systems versus simply licensing someone else’s Operating system.


Beyond that, the 2nd biggest disparity is cost. The Google Google nexus 10 tablet (16 GB) is currently on offer on Amazon for £364; whereas the iPad 4 (16GB) will set you back £379 through the same site. The Google nexus 10 is simply that little bit cheaper.


On the other hand, as PC Adviser’s Chris Martin points out,


“The price gap is slightly bigger for the 32GB models – a gap of £90 with the Nexus 10 at £389 and the iPad at £479”.


Obviously, the Nexus doesn’t possess the apple ipad’s Retina Display; the apple ipad 4 also features better battery life. Neither pc tablet has any way to boost storage space, but there are far more options for the iPad 4, with Apple offering 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, while the Nexus tops out at 32GB.


Additionally of that, the iPad 4 offers some 300,000 or more downloadable apps, which the Nexus simply can’t compete with (despite the Android store being faraway from under stocked). Simon Hill of ‘’ claims,


“Google’s Nexus 10 can run a huge variety of apps and games accessible via Google Play. Google’s content offering has improved a great deal in the last year and you will find more free apps there than in the App Store. There are some high-quality options too, but as a general rule the premium apps and games still come to iOS first and get ported to Android later. Android is still catching up when it comes to tablet apps”.


In terms of performance, then, the apple ipad 4 is the better tablet, at the least, in my view it is. I’m not isolated in that opinion, moreover. Simon Hill agrees,


“The Nexus 10 offers a dual-core, 1.7Ghz Exynos 5 processor also backed by 2GB of RAM. The iPad has Apple’s A6X processor clocked at 1.4 GHz and just 1GB of RAM. In benchmark tests, the Nexus 10 is the clear winner, although the iPad is best at processing graphics. The iPad and the Nexus 10 are very responsive. In hands-on comparisons here at DT though, we’ve found that the iPad still feels most responsive and works the best for users”. 


On the other hand, the Nexus 10 is a bit cheaper. Eventually, the selection comes right down to you: do you think you’re an Android or an iOS consumer?


Chunka Mui, writing for ‘’ says of those two,


“The more interesting implication of network effects analysis is whether the Android-iOS duopoly leaves room for any other mobile platform. Given how far behind all other contenders are, it will be a challenge for any to build formidable ecosystems. Even if a contender were to launch a viable platform, it faces the almost insurmountable task of improving at a pace that keeps up with the positive feedback loops already established by iOS and Android”.


Both operating systems are exceptional and each has its followers. In my opinion, I prefer both Operating system formats, but I like iOS better because I have used various versions of it for years now also it always seems pretty logically laid out.