What is the point of the 7″ tablet pc? Isn’t it just a glorified iPod Touch?

So, the iPad now is available in a handy, travel-sized 7″ tablet pc form. Yeah, that’s right. The world’s most renowned 10″ tablet pc has finally downsized. But as opposed to a permanent change, this shift has really just doubled Apple’s marketplace clout.


Up until 2011/12, only 2 things blighted the iPad as the product:


1)         They’re bloody expensive.

2)         They are bloody big.


The fact that Apple’s products are so costly is invariably really the only thing keeping them from replacing Microsoft as the world’s major PC manufacturer. As being a Mac user since around 2005, I’m biased in this estimation, but I genuinely think that Apple products are safer, better designed and easier to use. Then again, you’ll need to sell both your kidneys, re-mortgage your property and put all the household gold on eBay just to look in their general direction. A cheap, affordable Mac could be a dependable hit, but Apple aren’t budging on cost. However, the release of Windows 8 and the resultant price hike for like-minded tablets has rendered the iPad cheap by comparison, so this may yet prove to be the case.


Onto the 2nd blight, apart from the price, many people choose a seven inch tablet because they’re simply easier to use on trains, usually weigh a great deal less and are far more comfortable in the hand. A 7″ tablet is a far more sensible choice than it’s nearest 10″ equivalent in the event you’re planning on commuting, or taking it on holiday. Let’s face facts: a ten-Inch tablet pc won’t replace the desktop in the home, so travel might be your chief use for a product that exists as the halfway house between a smart phone and a laptop. Potential consumers put off with the iPad’s size and weight are going to be delighted with the new 7-Inch iPad, a device that loses almost nothing in the downsizing.


Now, with both the 7″ tablet and the 10″ tablet available, Apple has both bases covered. Which means up to two times as many of us can use the iPad (and that Apple can maintain a very high profile/launch schedule despite their last two foremost releases being barely slight tweaks of previous tablet pc’s). Apple is an in-demand product they usually know that, to keep it like that, customer satisfaction is key.


Besides, since the old adage goes: its not the size, its whether you will get it out on a busy train that matters…