Can a 10″ tablet be used rather than a monitor?

Aided by the iPad Mini being announced to (inevitable) achievement late last year, it appears just a little odd that Apple didn’t take action earlier. So, why switch to a 7 inch design…And why now?


I have not read all of the ‘intricacies’ of Apple’s choice (and I ain’t going to, either), but it appears clear enough to me that Apple is simply out to take control of the 7″ tablet pc world the way in which it both shaped and subsequently conquered everything within the 10 inch tablet pc. I will be genuinely stunned if the tech guys at Apple abandoned a project that has been so triumphant over the last few years, regardless of the number of R&D guys shouted the word ‘portability’ at them. So it’s, for now at least, like the 10-inch tablet iPad isn’t going anywhere. At least not yet.


The concept that this is a ‘switch’ is somewhat ambiguous. To me, the branding for this 7″ apple ipad as the ‘apple ipad Mini’ suggests how the next iPad is going to be accessible in 2 dimensions. Just like the current version. For a very long time, the only two drawbacks suffered with the iPad were its awkward size and its debilitating price. Now, however, at least one of those problems has been solved. Those buyers who would buy an iPad but who’re lured away by smaller, more compact and travel friendly tablets, are now satiated with the 7-Inch apple ipad. This raises both the iPad’s revenues and product visibility (as if either needed boosting) and in so doing it plugs a sales gap.


The apple ipad is, for my money at the least, the best tablet about and this fact has remained constant since its release. Other tablet pc’s has been good, from time to time even great, but the latest iPad is actually the industry focal point whenever it goes on sale and remains so until the following version is unveiled. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for Apple to put out a 7″ iPad to compliment their fashionable 10-inch tablet.


As to that query of ‘why now?’ well, I’m afraid I do not have much of a solution for yourself (I probably should have read all those ‘details’), but it may have something to perform with the Microsoft Surface. Microsoft are always a force to be reckoned with and it was really only a matter of time before they attempted to take back the tablet crown, so perhaps the seven inch ‘iPad Nano’ idea was held in place until the big guns took their shot; a way of driving sales and not using a ‘new’ product (remember, even the latest iPad was only a basic upgrade). Still, having reviewed the Surface extensively, I do not think the iPad’s designers need to lose any sleep this time around.