Laptop computers and the Market: It is easy to get stumped.


I’m still doing this to buy a PC. I’m hot on the path , as it were. Considering the fact that I always attempt to search for cheap products to write about, and that I frequently look for purchaser comments of products, I thought I might detail my own examination to find the best laptop pc for me and present it up for your concern.


First, a bit about me, I am a twenty five-year-old ex-student who has access to precious little funds. I work as a contract writer, and I have a beautiful GF who is perfect in every means, except that she lives a hundred or so miles away from me (and I’m reliant on public transport). When I’m not frequently badgering agents and publishers with my countless written projects, or writing songs for local groups, I often be in contact with associates via Twitter, Skype and electronic mail. Since my primary source of earnings is the Net, working with a travel PC is important, but just which laptop is one of the best value for money? were offering a HP G62-b28SA, which has pretty good specs (despite being named like something that might attack the starship Enterprise) for around £360. It runs Windows seven and includes a 4GB memory, with 500GB storage. Still, that kind of cash is beyond my price range.


Next up: Where across the country? PC world are also offering identical HP deal as Currys, but on average their prices are a little higher. The COMPAQ Presario CQ56-104SA (yet another catchy name) is cheaper at £319, but only has 2GB of memory, yet still runs the same version of Windows. It doesn’t look that bad, but I’m positive there’s a better deal on the market for me.


I’m not searching for something worldbeating, groundbreaking, or merely chiefly extraordinary. I need an excellent modest runner that I can perform my work and keep in touch with contacts when I’m on the go. I need it for a shoestring budget. That’s all. Where can I head to find it? Refining the hunt (but keeping the basic specs consistent with our COMPAQ model, a quick PC world search reveals the HP G56-105SA for just a cool £279. A couple of steps down from its new model (nearly £100’s worth of steps if we are critical) and this might just be the one, but I’m sure I’ll hold on for a small while and reign in the purse strings until I can find something a little more ‘me’ (by which, I naturally mean ‘cheap’)