Headphones For Jogging: Born To Run


It obviously is tough to create headphones for running that work effectively There are solutions. Well, two.


That scene in ‘Anchorman’ where Ron Burgundy says that he and Veronica are trying this new fad called ‘Jogging’ is entirely plausible. Ron’s tenuous grasp of the English language aside (especially as someone who’s such pride in his collection of leather-bound books), Jogging was indeed a largely unknown phenomenon until the 60’s and 70’s (in reality the word ‘jog’ actually denotes a swift, sudden movement, like jogging one’s memory or jogging 1 who’s writing/painting) until it was Invented (and named) by a bloke from New Zealand named Arthur Lydiard.


can you picture a world without jogging?. Shot inside a drug bust. Consider that. Running has actually had a profound effect on our cultural and commercial landscape. Without jogging, charity marathons will be far rarer (Actually ‘Marathon’ originally meant ‘long-lasting’ and had little, if anything, in order to do with running) and sports/athletic clothing will be reserved for sporting people (vs individuals who consider shoplifting athletic clothing a sport)}.


But. I feel like a bloody Maths teacher (for the reason that I’m wasting my time teaching. Jogging is staying put. Sure, you occasionally see someone in spandex that you may have avoided seeing in spandex, but more often than not, you get to see attractive members of the opposite sex (or identical sex – I’m not judging) stretching and flexing in a skimpy outfit. You cannot go wrong, really.


If you can’t find anyone to jog with, you’ll want music with you, as it prevents you from focussing on your fatigue. whatever you listen to, it’ll help keep your head clear and your system working. Of course, like all headphones, its a matter of private preference, but the key choices apparently be troubled with headphones that fit around your ear itself or headphones that cross your entire head. There are too many models in either category (and not enough to choose from between them to mention here) to speak about, so we’ll just discuss the merits of both main types of headphones for jogging. Earpieces actually go into your ears, logically enough. These earpieces work very well indeed when you have the fitting shape of ears. Personally, I happen to be part Vulcan it seems that, as my ‘inhuman’ ears (it doesn’t matter what your friends say, these phones are definitely NOT one size fits all!) simply can’t keep those flamin’ things on my head! If you’re like me, a headset version, lightweight and little might be your best bet. Like your soundtrack, you decide what’s best.