Best iPod Dock: We’re All Pod People Now

With the January sales now in full swing, we asked our expert, which , the best judgment,is the Best ipod dock. This is what he said


The iPod is one of those must-have peripherals.It’s like a mobile phone or a microwave. not just for the gadget geeks. Like many excellent devices,a secondary market for iPod-related products quickly followed the release and now you can buy almost anything for your little music box


  • Shock absorber in case you drop it? Check.
  • {Gloves so you can still use the touchscreen function in the cold?|specialist finger placement holders| Check.
  • Specially designed inner-ear noise reduction headphones? Check.
  • Classy-looking leather cover? Check.
  • Warm and comfortable blanket? Well, no. Not yet anyway (but I’m sure somebody is working on it)


indispensable. iPod dock is great. Which is the best dock money can buy??


It is hard to pick the best technology. The more it does, the more you pay. It is cheaper. reserved for the truly obsessive and us mere mortals have little/no business spending top dollar on them. Getting the best product for the best price is of utmost importance, if a dock can give you stereo-quality sound at an affordable price, then as far as I’m concerned, that’s the Best ipod dock.


Let’s see the contenders!. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Phillips Fidelio, design wise. The design is modern gives way to a curvaceous, almost gramophone-esque body that screams kitsch without actually being kitsch. Great sounds come from the Fidelio. The £50 price tag won’t break anybody’s bank. Could be the one.


The Fatman Valvedock is beautiful. The Price is waaay too steep. The ‘Street Party’ from GEAR4 holds its own. Its nothing fancy, but it works OK. You place the iPod in front of the speakers and play music. Simple. it doesn’t need to work miracles so longs at it works.