The revolution of the smart TV

The plasma TV is fast turning into one of those ‘every home should have one’ things. These days, almost every friend I visit has some variation on the LCD television against their wall or tucked in the corner of the living room somewhere.


The advantages of plasma television are numerous, aside from improved picture, which is a given, plasma TV is also easier to attach modern peripherals to and is entirely digital of course. It even takes up far less space in the room than the bulkier models. It is utterly modern, and it looks as swish as swish can look. Continue reading ‘The revolution of the smart TV’ »

Which PC Tablets Work with Microsoft Office?

Asked by Donnie from Dover

I’m an Apple man myself, but I can certainly give you a broad overview of the best tablet PCs that are currently running Windows 8. Call it my gift to the underprivileged (JOKE!)

The Microsoft Surface is the obvious (and easy!) option to mention first. Upon its initial release, this tablet made a fair few friends, but it also made some enemies. However, even considering its flaws, the Surface is a frankly astonishing bit of kit. In fact, in my humble opinion, the hardware is actually far more impressive than the software. Still, if you’re looking for a Windows 8 tablet, then you really can’t go far wrong with this one, especially since it came down in price. Continue reading ‘Which PC Tablets Work with Microsoft Office?’ »

The Television That Works Smarter, Not Harder

If you think long and hard about it, you’ve probably owned a bit of LG electronic equipment someday in your life. The company have been supplying class products since 1947, beginning with chemicals and plastics and going from there. LG in fact make rather a lot of equipment, however the South Korean organization is maybe best recognized because of its electronics products.


The latest LG 42 ” LED Television is likely to be one of those most evident of that aforementioned LG products in the coming months. New in 2013, this innovative all-singing, all-dancing smart Telly is, to state it mildly, completely gob-smacking. Continue reading ‘The Television That Works Smarter, Not Harder’ »

hotel 2 Way Radio

The tourism industry is a big one, with various holiday seasons bringing in huge revenues around the world, year in, year out. In some cases, tourism profits are actually vital to the survival of small towns and resort areas, as well as major factors in the host country’s GDP.

Approximately 30 Million people visit the UK from all over the world each year (and we don’t even get nice weather!). Drawn to our many sites of cultural interest, even more of historical interest, or just a slice on English country life, these tourists are actually a considerable part of our economy. Continue reading ‘hotel 2 Way Radio’ »

Is the apple ipad mini any use for watching movies on?

In general, the iPad Mini is ok for watching films (as well as doing basically everything else). The processing force is about the same as a iPad 4, so there is no real problem there and the playback is usually as smooth just as one android’s bottom (Star Trek joke).

The only real issue with the iPad Mini is the deficit of a ‘Retina Display’, the stunning display technology featured on iPad 3 – 4, iPod Touch (4th – 5th Gen) and iPhone 4 – 5 (amongst the rest). The iPad Mini does suffer a little with the lack of a Retina Screen, but it’s not really a crisis. Continue reading ‘Is the apple ipad mini any use for watching movies on?’ »


The Mototrbo two way radio has numerous uses, but it really works best at communicating two or more people between each other, be it leisure or business, long distance radio is usually crucial in a number of environments. This promotional information was initially a PDF at the motorola Website.

Want to increase the number of users on your system or extend coverage to another site? Connect workers in different locations or access voice and data without adding new frequencies? MOTOTRBO has a scalable system that fits your workforce and your facilities.  Continue reading ‘REACH EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE WITH MOTOTRBO SYSTEMS’ »

Bose Knows Sound, The Bose TV Sound System

When I was young and inexperienced about the ways of the world, my Mum used to buy me those electric toothbrushes that you see on TV.


Those things don’t actually have a very long shelf life, but they do work a treat (it was 27 years before I needed my first filling). Therefore, whenever an old one bit the dust, my Mum would somehow stump up the money and replace it. Good as gold.


One of the many disillusions I’ve endured since leaving home about six years ago, (first for Uni and then for the big, scary real world) is that you have to pay for your own stuff. Like, all the time. For example, the other day our washing machine broke and it cost the best part of £40 to repair it (amazingly, all that palaver was just because the button had come off of my girlfriend’s trousers and gotten caught somewhere in the mechanism). The week after that, our food bill spiralled upwards to almost twice its previous amount with no warning from our local recession-maligned supermarket. As a matter of necessity, my much-loved electric toothbrush was forced out of my life. Continue reading ‘Bose Knows Sound, The Bose TV Sound System’ »

BREAKING NEWS: “Time Travel is Possible, Says Noted Physicist”

Physics Professor Brian Cox has determined that time travel is theoretically possible and that time machines could one day be a reality.

The British professor, who is also a TV Presenter and pop musician (having some success with the Northern Irish band D:Ream in the 1990’s), used Dr. Who’s famous TARDIS as a broad example of the type of time machine that he believes to be theoretically possible as well as scientifically sound. Continue reading ‘BREAKING NEWS: “Time Travel is Possible, Says Noted Physicist”’ »

Will I be Able to Hear Bone Conduction Headphones Even if I Wear Earplugs?

Because bone conduction bypasses the ear entirely and directly stimulates the ossicles (which is the scientific name for the tiny bones that reside in your inner ear, as well as the rationale behind comic book hero Daredevil’s athletic prowess), it is entirely possible to stick your ear plugs in and still listen to your ‘Bonephones’.


In some respects, it’s actually preferable. Y’see Nick, using headphones is fine and dandy, until you have to turn the volume all the way up in order to drown out noisy children, busy traffic and/or people shouting into their phones all around you. After that, if you increase the volume to too great a degree, you can expose your ears to sounds that can actually permanently damage your hearing. Continue reading ‘Will I be Able to Hear Bone Conduction Headphones Even if I Wear Earplugs?’ »

What will cause you to buy a kinect, how about because it’s fantastic

Want to Buy kinect? You start here. Our site gives you what you need.


January, the month that begins with scraping vomit off the walls and ends with broken resolutions. Reading the classics and working out tends to flow inexorably back to re-reading old comics and putting on weight. Of course, there is Christmas money to consider.


Of course, I mean Christmas money, money set aside by friends and relatives that you can spend selfishly. Auntie Gladys sent you £20, great! But who the hell is Auntie Gladys?. You got £50 from Auntie Beryl and Uncle Joseph. You promise to say ‘thank you’ but you never get round to it, its not like Auntie Gladys has Facebook. Continue reading ‘What will cause you to buy a kinect, how about because it’s fantastic’ »